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Agile Business Analyst

The business analyst role is critical for successful agile projects and development. Despite this, there has been little in the way of detailed best practice guidance that directly addresses the role, responsibilities and skills of the Agile Business Analyst


The Agile Business Analysis (AgileBA) certification is designed to give the Business Analyst the skills needed to successfully gather, analyse, validate and champion the requirements throughout an Agile project. The course will describe the most popular Agile approaches and will use the DSDM Agile Project Framework to take the Agile Business Analyst through the phases of an Agile project.

Agile Business Analysts are an integrated part of the Agile team throughout the life of the project. They facilitate collaboration within the project team and across the business. In addition to their traditional skills of modelling and specification, the Agile Business Analyst requires new skills in collaboration, facilitation, leadership and coaching. They must adapt to new ways of eliciting, specifying and managing requirements.

Training and certification has been designed to give the Business Analyst the skills needed to successfully gather, analyse, validate and champion the requirements throughout an Agile project. It also gives context to the Agile Business Analyst role beyond the individual project, in relation to organisational mission and strategy, providing additional depth and guidance for business analysis in an agile context.

AgileBA guidance, training and certification are designed to benefit a wide range of roles including:
Business Analysts; Change Analysts; Project Managers; Scrum Product Owners/Managers; Systems Analysts and Agile Developers

This is a 5-day event facilitated by one of Snap Tech’s most experienced accredited trainers. You’ll find a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere where you’ll receive expert instruction and guidance, interact with your peers, and gain the real-world skills that matter.


Delivered over three days, the Agile Business Analysis Foundation Course is a blend of course participation, audio-visual presentations, and case studies. Evening work and study is required.


Delivered over two days, the Agile Business Analysis Practitioner Course enables participants to learn and demonstrate the competencies required of an Agile Business Analyst.


Benefits to the Individual

Develop an advanced, applied level of knowledge to contribute to successful delivery of Agile projects.

Increased ability to respond to a rapidly changing business environment.

Career development through achievement of an internationally recognised qualification.


Benefits to the Organisation

Focus on delivery of business value enables faster strategic change at lower cost and lower risk.

Achieve better communications and control over projects.

Potential to rapidly adopt a proven approach rather than developing an organisation-specific process.


  • The role of the Business Analyst in an Agile world
  • Agile Fundamentals and the Agile BA
  • The Agile Business Case
  • Stakeholders in the Agile project
  • Requirements and User Stories
  • Prioritisation
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Modelling and Prototyping
  • Controlling an Agile project
  • Timeboxing and Iterative Development
  • Requirements Planning and Estimating throughout the Lifecycle
  • The Requirements Lifecycle in an Agile project
  • Making the Transition to Agile BA


The Agile Business Analysis Foundation & Practitioner certification is a professional training and certification scheme to support those working in (or aspiring to) an Agile Business Analyst role.

AgileBA Foundation participants will:

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Agile Business Analyst
  • Understand how to contextualise their role with-in the organisation’s mission and strategy
  • Gain a depth of understanding of the guidance and techniques relevant to an Agile Business Analyst in relation to business, development and testing roles at all levels
  • Gain Agile Business Analysis accreditation

AgileBA Practitioner participants will:

  • Be able to produce and evaluate BA-produced Agile products
  • Identify and apply appropriate Agile practices
  • Understand how to test, estimate and evaluate benefits realisation in Agile projects

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