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Agile PM – Agile Project Management

Get an AgilePM® qualification & learn how to improve your
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Course Date: 20 – 24 April 2020

Venue: Cabanga Conference Centre, 252A Montrose Ave, Northriding

Duration: 5 Days

Snap Tech’s Agile Project Management offers a practical and repeatable methodology, combining a process covering the whole Agile project lifecycle with a flexible approach. As the pace of change accelerates and pressure builds to deliver greater value, traditional project management methods that worked in more stable and predictable environments become less effective. The project management team needs to respond quickly whilst demonstrating control and reliability. Our AgilePM certification is targeted at professionals who are involved in managing agile projects and programmes or are adopting an agile and lean approach in their organization. The Agile approach to project management can be applied to all types of projects regardless of scale or discipline.



The Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) certification aims to address the needs of those working in a project-focused environment who want to be Agile. Based on the proven fundamentals of the most mature of the Agile options, DSDM Atern, the certification provides the ability to deliver Agile Projects in organizations requiring sensible governance and visibility from their Project Management, while at the same time enabling the benefits, customer collaborative and iterative development provided by Agile.


The event is delivered by an experienced and accredited trainer who will facilitate interactive group work and encourage the learning experience through the use of multiple training mediums, group work and exercises.

The event is delivered over 5 days.


The Foundation qualification is aiming to measure whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to be able to recognise and distinguish between the key elements of the approach. The Foundation qualification is also a pre-requisite for the Practitioner qualification.

Exam Format (Closed Book)

  • Multiple choice
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 out of 50 marks required to pass
  • 40 minutes duration


The Practitioner qualification is aiming to measure whether the candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to apply and tailor it to a given scenario situation. The scenario is designed to allow the candidate to demonstrate competence to begin working as an Agile Project Manager.

Exam Format (Open Book)

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions per paper, 20 marks per question
  • 80 marks (50%) required to pass
  • 150 minutes duration

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Training Events & Consulting Solutions are provided globally by expert Internationally Certified instructors and globally recognised Registered Consultants.

Agile PM’s major benefits stem from a greater focus on working with business stakeholders and delivery on time. The Agile Project Management training offers an internationally recognised certification that will benefit the individual in modern day career development.


Training covers the entire PRINCE2 syllabus, including:

Agile Project Management Fundamentals

  • What is Agile? Major agile approaches
  • Benefits of Agile project management
  • When to use Agile project management
  • Risks and benefits of Agile
  • Preparing for successful Agile projects
  • Agile project management principles
  • The Agile Project Management Process
  • Agile project management framework
  • Configuring the Agile Project Lifecycle
  • Products and Deliverables
  • Management, business and solution focus

Agile Project Teams

  • Agile project roles and responsibilities
  • Agile project team empowerment
  • Agile project team structure
  • Agile Project Management Techniques
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  • Iterative Development
  • Time boxing
  • Modelling

Project Management and Control

  • Agile requirements
  • Agile planning
  • Agile risk management
  • Testing, quality and maintainability
  • Agile estimating and measurement
  • Agile Configuration Management


This event will enable delegates to:

  • Understand the concepts, benefits and risks of Agile development
  • Understand the philosophy, approach and principles of Agile project management, using DSDM Atern
  • Understand the DSDM Atern lifecycle and products
  • Set up appropriate project teams
  • Plan and run a facilitated workshop
  • Model and prototype aspects of the solution
  • Elicit, analyse, prioritise and manage requirements
  • Create a time boxed plan for a project
  • Understand the importance of negotiation and collaboration
  • Use their skills to set up and manage an Agile project

Amongst others, this event is a MUST for anyone matching any of the following criteria:

  • Any Project Manager willing to explore or embrace the Agile mindset.
  • Any mid-level or senior manager wondering how to embrace Agile while maintaining reasonable business governance. Let me say this: You will find many “Eureka” moments while going through the event materials.
  • Any Agile Practitioner wondering why their Agile processes are failing to scale up, or down.
  • Any Technical or Business Architect trying to find out how they can maintain adequate technical or business governance in an Agile environment.

Contact us on 087 550 1113 or moc.t1585851789nihce1585851789tpans1585851789@ofni1585851789
for all course pricing and booking enquiries

We provide a full on-line, virtual training experience as an alternative to classroom training to accommodate our delegates.

Log in from anywhere, interact with our trainers and with each other, view online slides and white boards, raise questions, do exercises, quizzes and tests.

Experience a full learning environment from the comfort and safety of your office or home.

Certified exams can be done online.

You need:

  • Any PC or mobile device with Windows, Android or iOS
  • Webcam, speakers and a microphone.
  • Reasonable bandwidth.
  • No app needed for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers
  • The Gototraining app will download when you accept the invite.
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