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Executive Overviews

Snap Tech is able to facilitate Executive Overviews on a number of our Best Practice Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) methodologies and frameworks. These include: PRINCE2®, MSP®, P3O®, MoP®, M_o_R®, AgilePM® & Managing Benefits™

These two to three hour briefing sessions introduce management to the P3M methodology or framework, its principles, and the roles of the decision makers in the programme and project environment.

The relationship between the programme or project decision makers and the rest of the team is addressed, and how the project executive can play his role in the project, making sure that the method is tailored to accommodate the situation with the relevant and sensible level of governance.

The objectives of the overview are:

  • To provide senior management with enough of an overview of Best Practice P3M models and frameworks to be able to drive projects and programmes forward in accordance with best practice approaches.
  • To provide senior management with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities as decision makers within projects and programmes.
  • To show senior management how they can directly contribute to the success of projects, whilst not being overburdened by unnecessary project bureaucracy.
  • To highlight the importance that Best Practice P3M gives to the formulation of a sensible Business Case, and the process of Benefits Realization.
  • To help organizations to maximize the benefits that can be obtained through the appropriate application of this method, without letting it become bureaucratic.


These two to three hour briefing sessions introduce management to a broad range of best practice methods, guidance and frameworks; its themes, principles and the role of decision makers in the change environment.

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Training Events & Consulting Solutions are provided globally by expert Internationally Certified instructors and globally recognised Registered Consultants.


  • Introduction
  • The maturing project management organization
  • Best Practice encapsulated
  • Frameworks and models
  • The responsibilities of the Programme & Project Board including the Portfolio & Investment Committee
  • Tailoring
  • Question and Answer Session

Training covers the entire PRINCE2 syllabus, including:

Senior managers and executives with Project, Programme or Portfolio management responsibilities, including any senior management wishing to get an understanding of the latest thinking in implementing change.

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Our team of certified and highly experienced trainers and consultants work alongside international experts to offer you the highest quality of service. We are a dedicated group of individuals with a shared passion for delivering positive change.

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Different people learn new information in different ways. That’s why we provide a wide range of delivery options to help you get the training you need in the format that best suits your role, learning style and company’s objectives.

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