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Facilitation Training & Certification

All managers from multiple disciplines realise the necessity of utilising a collaborative workshop approach to teamwork, decision making, implementing change, and problem solving.

With the skills you learn and develop from our Facilitation Certification you will be able to utilise the knowledge of your workshop or meeting group to arrive at fast decisions and solutions whilst gaining firm commitment.

As an excellent facilitator you will make group progress easy, by skilfully enabling team interactions that increase the group’s productivity, and your ability to achieve meaningful results leading to organizational goals.

This robust facilitation learning event provides a practical understanding of what is required to operate as a professional facilitator who will make the difference between a poor unsupported decision and a brilliant one that everyone buys into.


The Essentials event includes the Facilitation manual and a workbook, and concludes with a Snap Tech exam.

The Foundation delegate will use the Facilitation manual from the Essentials event, and will receive an International APMG Foundation Certificate on passing the exam.

The Practitioner delegate is provided with a workbook including a Practice Exam. The delegate will receive an International APMG Practitioner Certificate on passing the exam.



Covers the fundamentals of facilitation practices, enabling you to apply practical, every-day Facilitation principles to your workshops. By developing this ‘essential’ craft you can move on to the Foundation event.



The Foundation event builds on the knowledge obtained from the Essentials training and provides additional facilitation skills models, tools and techniques. The international Foundation qualification measures whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding to effectively facilitate a workshop or meeting.


The purpose of the Practitioner qualification is to confirm whether a candidate has achieved sufficient understanding to apply and tailor facilitation principles, and practice them in multiple situations. A successful Practitioner candidate should be able to apply facilitation principles using a range of models, tools and techniques in live situations.

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Training Events & Consulting Solutions are provided globally by expert Internationally Certified instructors and globally recognised Registered Consultants.


  • Gain the skills and expertise to become an effective facilitator, capable of operating in a wide variety of situations.
  • Develop an understanding of a structure and framework to help you introduce a facilitated approach to improvement, innovation and change in an organization.
  • Learn a wide range of practical tools and techniques, which can help facilitated groups to handle uncertainty.
  • Complement all other professional qualifications.


  • Assist organisations to tackle difficult challenges using best practice facilitation methods.
  • Enable organisations to involve and engage people at all levels, using a collaborative approach to facilitate change.
  • Implement a common language for facilitation.
  • Enables organisations to be successful in tackling uncertain situations.


  • Process Iceberg® Model
  • Task and Process (and Format)
  • Degrees of Uncertainty
  • Levels of Process Awareness
  • Communication and Interpersonal Interactions
  • Individual preferences and key roles
  • Emotions
  • Preparing for an event
  • Facilitating an event
  • Process review after an event
  • Characteristics of an effective facilitator
  • 41 Facilitation Models, Tools & Techniques
  • Practical case studies and assignments


By the end of this event delegates will be able to:

  • Know and understand the terms, concepts, principles relating to the Process Iceberg® Model, and how these impact on an effective outcome of an event.
  • Know the terms, concepts, principles and roles relating to the Objectives and to Task and Process thinking, and how these impact on aN effective outcome.
  • Know the Tools relating to Communication and Interpersonal Interactions, and how these impact on an effective outcome of a facilitation Process
  • Know the terms and concepts of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as applied to Individual Preferences and Roles
  • Understand the concepts and principles of the SCA Tool as applied to participant’s Emotions and how it may be used by a Facilitator.
  • Know and apply the key aspects affecting the success of an event, and the main principles, practices and attention points required to ensure good Facilitator preparation of each aspect.
  • Know and understand and apply the various Models, Tools and Techniques and how these impact on an effective outcome.


In conclusion, Tony Mann, the author of the internationally accredited Facilitation manual points out “The need for high quality facilitation to enable and empower organisations to operate efficiently and effectively has never been greater. Organizations are under constant pressure to become more competitive and/or provide greater value for money for their stakeholders. There is a strong moral reason to discover and gauge the views of the workforce/community where they are personally involved in resolving issues. Moreover, the positive engagement of the workforce produced by effective facilitation adds value to organizations in all sectors of the economy.”

The Facilitation Event is relevant to everyone in all areas of business and industry where people come together to tackle issues, resolve problems and develop effective solutions. It is aimed at individuals in any organisation and in any walk of life who require a working knowledge of effective facilitation so as to maximise the outcome of workshops and meetings

This event will benefit anyone in business, including:

  • Consultants, project managers, professional services managers
  • Any individual who works in teams
  • Programme managers and team leaders
  • Project and programme office support staff

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