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Highly Qualified

We are one of the ten longest standing international Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and Accredited Consulting Organizations (ACO) globally; operating locally and internationally for over a decade. Our Consultant Trainers are recognized industry experts with world renowned reputations.

Individual Competency Assessments

We specialize in organization wide PM skills audits, training and skills development programmes.

Team Strength Building

Specialized, strengths-based approach to maximizing your own and your team’s unique talents.

Establishing Best Practice Capability

Deliver your strategic benefits through sustainable and greatly improved project and programme capability.


Scrum roles revealed. Do you have what it takes? Seven ‘must have’ competencies needed to make you a successful Scrum Master….

17 July 2018

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The Ultimate IT job can be yours

16 July 2018

The role of the Business Relationship Manager has become increasing vital as the Trusted Advisor in the relationship between IT and its business partners. Invest in your career and learn how be the ultimate [...]

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Change in the way you approach projects, with a focus on staying true to the business needs. Business values will results much sooner rather than later.

Adheesh Gopi


Specialists in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Best Practice Qualifications, Standards, Models, Methods, and Frameworks, developing your Capability and Delivery Resources

Your organization’s success is dependent on the realization of the benefits you have planned to realize from your strategy. A successful strategy needs excellent delivery capability, a capability that is both effective, through doing the right things, and efficient, doing those things the best possible way.

At Snap Tech, we deliver consulting and skills development services that are designed to transfer to you our knowledge and pragmatic best practice experience through structured engagements that give you the ROI you expect in the shortest possible timeframe.

Recognized as industry pioneers in developing organizational capability we will work with you to align your Project, Programme, Portfolio, Risk and Change Management initiatives to enable your organization to transition into its desired state.

Our trainers prioritise the process of knowledge transfer to empower you to become independent and self-sufficient. Our holistic approach to capability building is structured and addresses your strategic objectives, your people and your Organizational Maturity; tried and tested in the private and public sector! We would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss how we can apply our expertise to your organization.

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