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Keep the Zombies out of your Enterprise

16 July 2018   |   General

Project and team managers need to make the right decisions quickly, without having to get approval from levels of executives above, who are never available anyway.

As executives we know we must push responsibility down the hierarchy to uncover and unleash the power of our “A Type” resources, encouraging them to take accountability to make those decisions within the parameters of the enterprise’s organizational constraints and governance.

So accountability on the one hand, enterprise alignment on the other. accountability being the level of willingness to accept responsibility for their actions, and alignment is the level of understanding of the business model, and it’s related external, cultural, and political environment.

Look at my simple model and put some numbers to each square, what percentage of your company or team fall into the Zombie corner? How many A-Type Champions do you really have?

Cowboys love doing it their way, with little regard for governance and standards, Guardians like working to the rules, but won’t take responsibility. We can work out why, in today’s organization there is little space for Zombie’s. We need to identify, nurture and retain our Champions, as well as our Guardians and Cowboys (the nursery space for the Champions).

Guy Eastoe

4th March 2018.

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