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Project Management Tight Bikini Cut

3 January 2017   |   Project Management, Agile PM, Project Management, PRINCE2, Project Management, PRNCE2 Agile, Project Management

Project Management Tight Bikini Cut

Project Management: More than a fashionable expense

As South Africa becomes increasingly global, Snap Tech is seeing a rise in the demand for project management training that conforms to international best practice standards.

The spend on Project Management training continues to rise, likely as a result of the field encompassing skills required for a business environment that shifts as much as stretch fabric.

Businesses streamline and adjust according to perceptions of sustainability and competition. But like sunblock, this eventually wears thin, exposing business vulnerabilities and bottom line discomfort.

Project management occupies a special place in strategic business practice as it facilitates quantifiable micro and macro goals, linking operations to defined deliverables and potentially enviable milestones.

Purse Commitment

All private and public sector organizations invest a considerable amount of money in training, varying from a few employees a year to thousands. Many large organizations even run their own campus in addition to external service provider venues.

With a direct training cost of about R3 000.00 per day plus a rough average R2 500.00 for lost productivity, multiplied by a typical “personal development programme” allocation of 10 days per annum, we are looking at an annual cost of R55 000 per employee.


Do the numbers. An average corporate will quickly get to a conservative R200,000,000 p.a., and project management training is likely a key priority for those with a competitive vision in an increasingly global market.

Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Legislators

The appropriation of a profit percentage to drive economic and social development has led to increased training and development opportunities.

The 2011 ICAS report “Overcoming SA’s skills challenge” found that South African companies were spending about 3% of their payroll on training. The government’s employment equity guidance and the Skills Development Act continues to encourage increasing spend on training in both private and public sectors.

The dept. of labour reports that R57 billion was spent over the last 10 years through the SAQA governed SETA’s alone. The King III report points out that directors are held accountable for developing human capital.

Its undoubtedly an organisation’s ability to plan and pre-empt that allows it to face challenges with increasing agility and market perception.

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