3 Must-Read Blogs for Portfolio Management

Project managers who design and implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) based systems are always on the lookout for new benchmarks and elegant solutions to the problems they solve on a daily basis.

It’s natural to look to the internet for fresh ideas and inspiration, but this creates a new challenge: Which blog to read during your valuable downtime? To make things easier, we’ve selected three PPM blogs that will inform and inspire you.

Since 2001, project-management.com has been offering management insights to readers from across the globe. The site is maintained by a group of PPM specialists who form a virtual team of management consultants.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, from PPM basics to specific case studies that teach managers how to analyse, plan and implement various strategies. This blog is an excellent starting point for anyone investing in portfolio project management.

While there are a number of free articles about project management, responsibility assignment, and risk assessment available on the site, the members-only paid area provides training courses and structured articles with a focus on overall management strategy and lean management.

2. Mr Portfolio Management

Written from the personal perspective of its founder Craig Kilford, Mr Portfolio Management is a PPM blog with a difference.

From everyday experiences and current affairs that contain hidden lessons about management, to his views on the latest techniques and industry news, Craig’s blog contains insightful articles on PPM – written in a way that seasoned managers and newcomers alike will both appreciate and find value in.

3. Strategic PPM

If you’re tired of reading about the same old project management concepts and would like to learn about precision strategy and analysis, Strategic PPM may just be the blog you’ve been waiting for.

The blog features articles about new and innovative ways of thinking, introducing its readers to smart systems and detailed analysis of common project management problems and solutions that will inspire PPM managers to think outside the box and deliver results.

Some of the topics featured in the blog’s PM101 section include inspirational management thinking, risk management, data representation, and cost estimation.

We hope that these blogs will inspire you with their new ideas and alternative PPM approaches. A comprehensive understanding of and investment in skilled project management training is an investment in both time and your business.

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