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What are the best facilitation methods for running successful workshops and meetings?

2 June 2015   | Facilitation Training

When faced with a business or project problem, have you been frustrated by the amount of unproductive time spent in time consuming workshops and meetings trying to define the problem and agree to a solution?

Most workshop and meeting missteps are caused by the inability to clearly define what the processes are that the group should follow to solve the problem at hand. The first way to prevent this starts with agreeing to themost effective techniques for clearly identifyingthe workshop objectives. This is where the highly successfulAPMG International Facilitation Methodology comes in. The methodology provides a Process, made up of models,tools and techniques,to run solution driven and successful workshops and meetings for any situation.

This acclaimed workshop process ‘Facilitation, Develop Your Expertise’ by author and facilitation expert Tony Mann shows you how to apply his revolutionary Process Iceberg® model,that demonstrates a practical way for anyone who wants productive results from a facilitated workshop or meeting.His comprehensive manual points out that 80% of problems in running successful workshops are caused by the failure to identify the Objectives and to makeuse of workshop Process in order to achieve agreed workshop objectives.

As strange as it may seem, there are times when the problem seems obvious enough, only to find that we were focusing on the wrong question.  In short, this means that we have to find the right issues and determine what the right question is before we attempt to identify solutions.

The Tony Mann approach to facilitation is very different; it is not a ‘soft skill’. It is not about coaching, training or consulting. It more a precise and hard-edged skill that all meeting chairpersons and workshop leaders must have.

It is no coincidence that Agile Project Management has a specific role for a Facilitator and the PMBOK® Guide considers a facilitation to be an invaluable skill for all project managers.

Who is Facilitation aimed at?

The Facilitation event is a must for anyone who wants to maximize the outcome of any workshop or meeting. This is an ideal environment for developing effective techniques for identifying solutions and creative outcomes, whilst tackling the underlying issues and problems that make our workshops and meetings so horribly unproductive.APMG’s International Facilitation Qualification provides the answer for any change manager, project manager, business line manager, or consultant who must become excellent at facilitation.

When and where?

Contact Snap Tech who has experienced, accredited trainers who will ‘facilitate’ interactive group work and teach this unique learning experience through the use of multiple training mediums, group work and exercises.

Blogger: Charmaine Ross

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facilitation, Best Facilitation Methods
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