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Business Relationship Management (BRMP®) – The IT department’s “holy grail”?

21 June 2017   |   Portfolio Management, Project Management

Let’s face it, the IT dept. can do all the self-measuring and chest thumping they like to show how successful they are, but that only becomes true when their internal or external customers believe it.

Off course the self-measures, COBIT audits and ISO conformance add value and promote efficiencies, but real effectiveness occurs when IT and business partners work together to maximiseIT value, often the most expensive resource area in the organization.

The BRM role is a multi-functional one that grows both IT services and IT’s business customers by guiding and moving both areas up the strategic value maturity path, agreeing what IT success looks like, sensitizing the business to IT value drivers and new ways of working like Agile and DevOps, and making sure both parties harmonize their objectives to achieve corporate strategic goals. This leverages the IT department’s critical position to all business customers.

The BRM institute’s Professional certification covers more than the IT role, it’s just as applicable to anyone interfacing between a shared service or provider area and its customers.

I’ve added The BRM institute’s Professional certification to my Business Relationship Management coaching programme. It’s a well-constructed and practical curriculum, backed by a rapidly evolving and dynamic body of knowledge.

Don’t lose out.  Join us on 10-12 July, along with other business leaders for our exciting launch of the Business Relationship Management (BRM) certification. Snap Tech is very excited to be able to bring this event to you.

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