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Capability Improvement Workshops

Gain the ability to define and deliver benefits and plan the Road Map to implement required changes arising from identified improvement areas through our REV6 workshop approach. We show you how to define benefits and their measures, do strategy driven benefit mapping that “starts with the end in mind” by crafting the benefits you need to achieve in the strategy, before defining your initiatives. And; how to embed this way of working into your organization and make it a sustainable, ever maturing approach.

You may recognize that there is room for improvement, either from your own observations, or following on from a maturity assessment or a project/programme health check, and need a structured way to improve your execution, quickly.

Our REV6 improvement workshops use Tony Mann’s Iceberg Facilitation techniques to expertly steer the workshop team to achieve maximum results. Actions are derived from each workshop. A schedule is compiled and managed in a way that significantly reduces the cost of implementation by limiting the requirement for an on-site consultant, whilst also ensuring that the ROI is achieved.

This process replaces lengthy interview and analysis methods that gather information from individuals separately and provides an interactive environment in which all key players contribute to the information gathering and decision making process. In this way issues are highlighted or resolved quickly. Our facilitation experts use these techniques for all our workshops, as well as teaching this vital skill, required by anyone in a management role.

A Facilitated Workshop is an intensive, structured meeting led by an impartial facilitator. It is designed to enable the participants to specify their desired workshop or meeting outcomes, and then design the process to achieve those outcomes. Facilitated sessions are designed to extract high quality information in a compressed time frame in order to achieve consensus and meet the predetermined deliverables.

All of the areas of best practice that we train in can be delivered in workshop format. This delivery method personalizes the area that you are interested and uses your organizations specific situation to develop the actual artefacts that you will use to manage the process. This engaging approach leads to the rapid transfer of knowledge and ownership of the chosen area. For example, in our benefits management workshop the team will develop a benefits profile, a benefits handbook, a strategy mapping technique and even a benefits taxonomy.

This is for organizations only, in the private or public sector.

Workshops, Capability Improvement Workshops Page
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