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The Change and Transition Freeze: From Paralysed to Competitive

3 January 2017   |   Project Management, Agile PM, Project Management, PRINCE2, Project Management, PRNCE2 Agile, Project Management

The Change and Transition Freeze: From Paralysed to Competitive

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow’s leaders build on the value of sound change and transition actions, essential contributors to strategy fulfilment.

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Snap Tech shifts the fear of change to deeply inculcated competitive practice by exposing leadership to robust professional development opportunities.

Entrenched project management principles can shift an organisation’s locus of control when members co own strategy fulfilment and the achievement of measurable benefits.

Building organizational competency in change, and managing the associated risks takes considerable effort, and has increased the levels of project management training.

Status Symbols

Snap Tech has been analysing market trends to understand shifting perceptions of training efficacy.

What have we discovered about project managers and career development?

Addressing a need for professional development usually begins with project managers wanting to upskill and improve their certification.

Typically, an internet search uncovers training options and service providers who can be selected. Course outlines are often reference points but it appears that the most compelling factor is the certificate status.

Although Snap Tech enjoys the fact that this type of analysis by the market places us in a favourable position –  we adamantly discourage this approach from business leaders.

Snap Tech project management training comes with international status bells and whistles so that’s not our pitch – it’s a given.

The Stretch Bikini

If your business bottom line is sitting uncomfortably and you need to connect project management training to your organisation’s vision and sustainable goals, drop Snap Tech a mail on moc.t1582244014nihce1582244014tpans1582244014@ofni1582244014

Although training is booming (out of its bikini), at Snap Tech we understand how business must balance austerity with opportunity. You want training that is organizationally aligned and project managers that will apply what is taught so that new skills and knowledge creates a positive ripple effect throughout the organisation.

Most companies attend Snap Tech’s project management programmes because they’ve realised that adopting a project based approach streamlines business practice and increases an ability to muscle in on markets.

From bikinis to business – one size doesn’t fit all

We’ve never believed in a one-size-fits-all approach and can’t see you disagreeing with us! Since we’re on the same page, we should talk!

Snap Tech’s range of 18 project management programmes are nuanced to suit a range of contexts, challenges and pain points. (is that right?)

Don’t join the 70% of organizations who have a project maturity level lower than three. It means a lack of repeatable, consistent approaches to project and portfolio management. What a waste of time!

By selecting training to simply meet the BOS “Butts on seats” performance target (I prefer BT (Brains Trained), we limit the focus to attendance registers instead of accountability.

Click here to set up an appointment now to assess your development opportunities with Snap Tech for 2017.

It’s not ‘spending on training.’

Let’s talk about how you invest in people and process.

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