Consulting Terms & Conditions

  1. Snap Tech requires the client to provide proof of payment or a Purchase Order prior to commencement of work.
  2. The client will provide the consultant with all necessary office space and access to computer, internet, printers, and telecommunications facilities together with administrative personnel at the location of work. This will be required at any office from which the consultant(s) may to be required or need to work in providing the service(s).
  3. Snap Tech reserves the right to change the consultant(s) used in any engagement at any time. If unforeseen circumstances occur.
  4. The consultant, shall unless otherwise agreed in writing, not work more that the number of days agreed in the proposal. In the event that the end customer or client wish to extend the number of days the client will agree and sign an additional schedule to the proposal and agree to the additional fees prior to the work being carried out.
  5. The client will ensure that the client representative is available during business hours for the purposes of receiving reports from and giving directions to the consultant(s).
  6. For time and material assignments as stated in the Proposal the client or the client’s representative will countersign timesheets verifying the number of days/hours worked by the consultant(s) or Snap Tech weekly.
  7. Fixed price proposals will define the deliverables to be completed.
  8. The materials for training, education, workshop or consultancy purposes is the intellectual property of Snap Tech and may not be used in any circumstances without seeking permission in writing from Snap Tech.
  9. Snap Tech is able to quote in various currencies. The client must pay in the currency shown on the invoice.
  10. Currency conversion charges from any other currency to that of the invoice is the responsibility of the client.
  11. Any sales taxes where applicable will be added to the fees in accordance with regulations.
  12. The client must pay any invoice within the terms stipulated on the invoice.
  13. Consultant and trainer day rates do not include expenses. Where applicable these will be charged in addition and shown separately in proposals and quotations.
  14. Car travel is at the rate per KM used by the AA (SA) guidelines for normal business use. Snap Tech always aims to minimize expenses.
  15. Snap Tech may charge a “re-use” fee for any Snap Tech intellectual property used in the build and delivery of a client solution. Any such fee will be detailed in Snap Tech’s proposal.
  16. Snap Tech will specify any discounts that may apply to any fees in the proposal.
  17. Late payment will incur penalty charges including removal of any discounts.
  18. Snap Tech reserves the right to charge interest on late payments of invoices at a rate of 3% above the SA prime lending rate.
  19. Any termination or cancellation of an event or piece of work must be received in writing.
  20. The agreement may be terminated by either party prior to the expiration of the contract period:
    • In the event of the other becoming insolvent or resolving or being ordered to be would up or if the other has an administrative receiver, receiver or administrator appointed over any of its assets or business or it suffers any analogous event to occur under to laws of any other jurisdiction.
    • By written notice of not less than 7 days duration in the event that the other commits an irremediable material breach of this agreement or commits a material breach capable of remedy which the other party has failed to remedy 14 days after written notice from the other to do so.
  21. Snap Tech may terminate any agreement with 7 days written notice in the event of the client failing to pay any sum over the 30 day payment term.
  22. For cancellations of any work or meeting received less than 14 days before the start of an event, Snap Tech will charge an administrative fee of 50% of the fees plus any expenses incurred.
  23. For cancellations of any work or meeting received less than 10 days before the start of an event, Snap Tech will charge an administrative fee of 80% of the fees plus any expenses incurred.
  24. If Snap Tech cancels an event for any reason, then Snap Tech will refund the fees in the currency of the invoice.
  25. Snap Tech and its consultant(s) shall incur no liability to the client or end customer in respect of rendering of the service(s) for any direct or consequential losses or loss of profit or other costs or losses howsoever incurred.