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PPM Assurance and Governance

Guarantee Project success with ease. Become the Assurance Master of Quality in Projects and Programmes

There is no reason for project failure. Project challenges can be resolved if they are identified early enough. And yet organizations will put their multi million dollar projects at risk by not applying this simple practice of deep dive project assessments and health checks.

This is a specialized event that focuses on the role of project and programme assurance. The event addresses the skills required to apply assurance techniques to improve the quality of both the project management, as well as the quality of the deliverables to be handed over to the customer.

Senior management can be assured that their projects are on track, and if not, they will be in a position to make the right remedial decisions.

The enterprise and it’s management, and the project stakeholders can be “assured” that the project or programme is on target to meet its objectives, and in time to rectify problems.

Project overrun costs are reduced, resources are maximised, customers will be satisfied. Your organization will far better positioned to achieve its strategic and operational objectives.

Your own resources will be trained to “Health Check” and audit your own projects, and your Project Office will know what to report to management. This is achieved by providing a detailed understanding of the project assurance role in projects and programmes, and how to use processes and techniques to uncover the areas of weakness.

This is a one to two-day event. Day one is spent training the candidates in the skills of Project Assurance, concluding with the allocation of project Health Check assignments. These assignments are then carried out in the working enviromnet, and the results presented during day two, normally 4 to 6 weeks after the first day of the event.

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Course Details
Course Duration:
1.5 days

Course Dates:
29-30 July 2019
18-19 November 2019

R 7,500.00 Excluding VAT.
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PPM Assurance and Governance

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Our team of certified and highly experienced trainers and consultants work alongside international experts to offer you the highest quality of service. We are a dedicated group of individuals with a shared passion for delivering positive change. Our trainers prioritise the process of knowledge transfer to empower you to become independent and self-sufficient. Our holistic approach to capability building is structured and addresses your strategic objectives, your people and your Organizational Maturity and is tried and tested in the private and public sector.

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Our delivery options aim to help you get the training you need in the format that best suits your role, learning style and organizational objectives. • Traditional Classroom - Expert instructor led facilitated training – your venue or ours • Customised Events and Skills Development Programmes tailored to suit your Organisational development goals • Facilitated Workshops – For closed events where you don’t just learn about it, you do it as well. • Inhouse group training – where we come to you.

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Snap Tech (Pty) Ltd is an Accredited Consulting and Training company and the leading provider of International Best Practice standards, frameworks and models in Project, Programme and Portfolio management in Africa with a global footprint and internationally recognised reputation. Our Certifications include Agile, Scrum and SAFE; Change and Benefits Management, as well as Business Relationship Management. Our training events include Internationally recognised exams and certifications, tailored curriculums, and experiential learning workshops for you to maximise your ROI.

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