Enhance Your Managing Successful Programme Abilities

Programme ManagementManaging Successful Programmes (MSP) is an internationally accredited qualification designed to assist organisations in bringing about change on a large scale. It provides those involved in programme management with a best practice approach that can be applied to virtually any type of organisational programme. Practicing and aspiring programme managers will gain more knowledge about the leadership that is required, rather than just the management skills that they need.

What’s it all about?

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a cutting-edge programme management framework for bringing the required business benefits from major change, while also addressing the need for sensible governance and control over multiple projects.

A programme consists of a set of projects and other activities determined by an organisation. Together these produce a number of defined strategic objectives that will facilitate the realisation of benefits, and thus a significant change in the business. Typical benefits that may come from change include the lower cost of providing benefits, a lower cost base, increased market share and increased customer retention.

Here’s an analogy:

You want your child to make the transition from not being able to drive themselves around to being mobile, so you buy him or her a car. However, it is not just about getting them the car. In order to complete this transition they have to learn to drive first and pass a driver’s test. This demonstrates how transformation programmes often focus more attention on delivering new capabilities (the car), and give inadequate attention to whether the organisation can utilise those new capabilities (passing the driver’s test).

A programme can only do well if the projects within it succeed. To continue with the analogy, passing the driver’s test and getting to drive the car is of little use if your child is reckless and unwilling to change his or her behaviour. So without programme management, the projects would possibly still be able to deliver their outputs but they wouldn’t be co-ordinated or integrated in a way that will achieve the strategic goals.

Who will benefit from it?

This training is beneficial to any organisation or individual who recognises the need for a controlled, yet flexible approach to programme management. It is suitable for programme managers, experienced project managers, strategists, programme office members and senior managers from any discipline, whether the public or the private sector.

What will be the outcome?

Managing Successful Programmes provides individuals with leadership skills and techniques not common to project managers, thus providing them with another skillset.

Once successfully completed, delegates will be able to:

  • Implement strategy through programmes
  • Learn how programme management principles, themes and activities can be used and modified to deliver considerable transformation change
  • Realise the benefits from change
  • Improve your organisation’s maturity in programme management
  • Be a certified MSP practitioner, or even a sought-after Advanced Programme practitioner.

Snap Tech is uniquely qualified to provide Best Practice management services that conform to the highest international standards, integrating industry best practice with your organisation’s culture, process and structure for improved performance.

This event is a special learning experience, which includes a lot of practical sessions and individual and team exercises that encourage active delegate participation. Managing Successful Programmes is facilitated by one of Snap Tech’s internationally accredited and highly experienced trainer consultants.


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