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Ignore the People Side of Change Management at your own Peril

10 December 2015   |   Management and Business Improvement, Change Management, Management and Business Improvement, Risk and Benefits Management, Risk Management

Ignore the People Side of Change Management at your own Peril

When an organisation recognises the need for change management (and what organisation can afford not to?) and sets about implementing it, results in the current climate can often fall short of expectations. While change is seen to be installed and structures put in place, benefits aren’t being realised because change management is not being applied efficiently.

So why is this? In a word, people.

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Whatever the size of the company, and whatever type of company it is, the importance of the company’s people in the process of change management can’t be overstated.


In the past, the task of involving staff in change management was handed to HR, or perhaps an industrial psychologist – the people side of change was regarded as “fluffy”, and not enough importance or resources were allocated.

This is starting to change and executives are realising that the “people side of change” needs their attention. However having a town hall meeting with staff, or handing out T-shirts with a snappy slogan, is simply not adequate – or effective change management. While the structures and processes for change are starting to fall into place, the benefits of change aren’t being well identified and realised. A specific process needs to be followed and more than likely needs to be adjusted during the implementation of the change – different approaches that need to be addressed or implemented depending on the organisation and the scale or type of change.

For change management to be effective, the change energy of the organisation needs to be understood and managed and the change initiative and implementation requires discipline (yes: project management), adjusting the approach when necessary and constructively engaging people and stakeholders in the change management effort.


Change is fast, constant, complex and, to top it off, the rate of change is increasing dramatically. There’s no resting on laurels. Which means an organisation can’t rely on temporary external providers. Change has to be implemented internally and on an ongoing basis, so organisations have to upskill their own resources in change management.

Organisations are becoming leaner, yet more complex and with flatter structures, requiring people that are multi-skilled and more self managing. Change management is one of those crucial – and essential – skills. Capacity has to be built within an organisation in order to meet whatever challenges arise in the future.

Project managers have one, – now change managers have an international Change Management Body of Knowledge (CMBoK).
Snap Tech has introduced a new international certification accredited by APMG that supports the Change Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge. Put together with APMG and numerous Change Professionals globally, the Change Management Institute has launched the Change Management Body of Knowledge.

The CMBok identifies the 12 areas that change practitioners need to be skilled in in order to apply change management across all areas in an organisation, including its people, teams and leadership. It has been coupled to an international certification with a rich syllabus at Foundation and Practitioner competency levels.


Snap Tech is one of the few Accredited Training Organisations in South Africa to deliver the New Change Management Body of Knowledge based certification. Since 2000 we have been the leaders in innovation in the field, and while others offer training, Snap Tech International also provides excellent implementation and methodology supported by appropriate tools.

Fully accredited by the APM Group and the Change Management Institute, Snap Tech International is industry proven in best practice change management implementation.

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