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Individual Competency Assessments

By assessing individual competencies, you can more effectively target your organization’s project management performance improvement efforts, identify skills gaps, set learning benchmarks to measure success and determine areas in which growth and development is most required.

In order to structure a credible capacity building process that is built around the needs and capability of individuals, as much as the needs of the organization, it is essential to establish the readiness of the individuals who have been earmarked to participate in the capacity building processes that are proposed.

Our Competency Assessment approach is designed to evaluate the individual’s experience against defined competencies of knowledge, skills, capabilities, and personal attributes.

We customize our on-line and one on one interview based assessment model to accommodate your specific requirements, using best practice as the competency standards such as GAPPS (Global Alliance for Project Performance); PMI® (Project Management Institute); IPMA (international Project Management Association) and ISO 2500.

The assessment will define training needs and identify  the need for further coaching and mentoring interventions for continuous professional development; equipping staff with the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to help them and the organization perform more effectively.

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