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Managing Benefits

Reports from professional bodies, audit agencies and academic research show that organizations in the public and private sectors continue to struggle in demonstrating return on investment from projects. Managing Benefits is the guidance and certification from APMG-International that addresses this problem.

Managing Benefits consolidates existing guidance on benefits management into one place, while expanding on the specific practices and techniques aimed at optimizing benefits realization and Value Management. It is a vital knowledge and practice area for any manager who needs to justify an initiative or project with a well thought through business case that justifies the required spend to achieve a better operational state or strategic objective.


The Managing Benefits provides managers and practitioners from multiple disciplines, working in a variety of organizations, with generally applicable guidance encompassing benefits management principles, practices and techniques.

Benefits are not simply just one aspect of project and programme management (PPM) – rather, they are the rationale for the investment of taxpayers’ and shareholders’ funds in change initiatives.

This event uses Steve Jenner’s authoritative guide that reflects the collective expertise of a wide range of experienced practitioners, academics and thought leaders. It also incorporates practices and lessons learned from a variety of disciplines – not only project and programme management but also value management, management accounting, economics, finance, change management, and systems thinking.


The event is facilitated by a highly experienced and certified trainer with extensive practical experience of project, programme and portfolio office implementation and management. The learning experience includes trainer led facilitated learning, practical sessions, individual and team exercises that encourage active delegate participation.


The Foundation level qualification aims to measure whether a candidate understands the benefits management principles, practices, techniques, roles, responsibilities and documents, specifically to know and understand the:

  • Definitions, scope and objectives of benefits management, barriers to its effective practice, and the key success characteristics;
  • Principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are based;
  • Five practices contained within the Benefits Management Cycle and relevant techniques applicable to each practice;
  • Scope of key roles and responsibilities for benefits management and the typical contents of the main benefits management documentation;
  • Approaches to implementation and the factors to consider in sustaining progress.

Exam Format (Closed Book)

  • Multiple choice format
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks or more required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minutes duration


The Practitioner level qualification aims to confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the guidance in a scenario situation. Specifically candidates should be able to:

  • Plan the implementation of benefits management, select appropriate strategies to sustain and measure progress;
  • Select and adapt principles, practices and techniques to suit different organizational environments;
  • Identify activities that should be undertaken during each of the practices of the Benefits Management Cycle together with the accountabilities and responsibilities of each of the defined roles;
  • Evaluate examples of benefits management information (documents);
  • Analyze the solutions adopted in relation to a given scenario.

Exam Format (Open Book)

  • Objective testing
  • 8 questions per paper with 10 marks available per question
  • 40 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) – 50%
  • 2 ½ hours duration

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Training Events & Consulting Solutions are provided globally by expert Internationally Certified instructors and globally recognised Registered Consultants.

Our PRINCE2 training in project management event delivers in two main areas:


  • Enhance your professional competence through benefits management practices and techniques.
  • Understand our biases that influence our ability to forecast benefits through a clear understanding of benefits accountancy, behavioural psychology, neuro-science and systems thinking.
  • Understand the seven principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are built and applied to projects, programmes and portfolios. The training provides a route map to the adoption of more cost-effective techniques and practices.
  • Become more adept at forecasting realistic benefits to produce business cases which address business issues and objectives and provide a route to measure success.


  • Maximize your portfolio of projects by promoting those projects that give you the greatest return on investment.
  • Realize benefits to improve revenue and efficiency levels regardless of your type of organization.
  • Demonstrate more efficient and effective practices through more efficient use of the resources you have available. Improve return on investment from change initiatives as more benefits are realized.
  • Enhanced confidence on the part of shareholders and citizens.
  • Have an organization-wide understanding of the benefits a project or programme will produce and be able to measure when they are realized.


  • What is benefits management
  • Exploring a benefits management framework
  • Benefits from all perspectives – including finance, business, projects, programmes portfolio management and the PMO
  • Quantifying and maximizing monetary and nonmonetary benefits
  • Planning, realizing and reviewing benefits
  • The relationship with Value management
  • Implementing and sustaining benefits
  • Cognitive Biases
  • Benefits management maturity assessments
  • A Health check, and other tools
  • Roles and documentation


By attending our Managing Benefits event delegates can expect to:

  • Get an overview and understanding of benefits management, what it is, why it is so important and why you should implement it. We will also debunk some common misunderstandings about it that can restrict its practical application;
  • Acquire an understanding of the seven principles that benefits management has been created on and how they can be, and have been, implemented practically;
  • Obtain guidance on how benefits management can be integrated at portfolio level in addition to project and programme level;
  • Learn about the five practices in the Benefits Management Cycle;
  • Get advice on how you can implement benefits management effectively and create sustainable continuity.

Snap Tech’s internationally recognized and best practice Managing Benefits qualification is aimed at:

  • Business managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Strategy specialists
  • Programme managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Change managers
  • Benefit Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Business leaders, CIO’s, CEO’s, COO’s
  • Project managers

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