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Organizational Maturity Assessments

Maturity assessments benchmark an organization’s performance against criteria developed from best practice and allows for the development of improvement plans with measurable outcomes. Snap Tech is an Accredited Consulting Organization trained and certified to carry out maturity assessments based on the P3M3 Maturity Model.

P3M3 stands for Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model. It is designed to enable organizations to understand their current level of maturity and to highlight areas that would give them the most value and performance improvement in the short and long terms.

Organizations striving for competitive advantage or performance enhancements need an effective way to measure their progress towards a goal and a way of establishing the best path to efficient governance; placing pressing demands on you and your organization to improve project throughput and success rates. This requires a P3M improvement strategy.

The model contains three sub models for Portfolio, Programme and Project management that enable independent assessments of all or some of them, with no inter-dependencies between the models, so an organization may find that it is more mature in project management than in programme management. The flexibility of the P3M3 Project Management Maturity Model allows for incremental and step change improvements in targeted areas.

Snap Tech’s Assessments provide:

  • An independent and objective organizational maturity assessment
  • An incremental process through which organizational capabilities can evolve
  • A reliable assessment of the management information generated by programmes and projects
  • A clear path for progressive improvement to achieve organizational goals and targets.
Maturity Assessments, Organizational Maturity Assessments Page
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