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Implement, energize and agilize your Project Management Office.

Spend two very practical, classroom or virtual classroom days equipping yourself with expert level knowledge to build or refresh a PMO. 

Project Management Offices give companies the ability to respond effectively to change and to implement their strategic driven projects effectively.

The PMO masterclass guides you on how to set up, implement, refresh and operate a PMO at all levels, from the IT project office to the enterprise portfolio office reporting to the CEO. The event covers all of the possible services (over 40 of them) that a PMO could offer, including project method development, portfolio management processes, and how your PMO can become your agile implementation and support centre, all based on current best practice thinking in PMO management.

Snap Tech International’s Masterclass series covers three key areas where organizations should maximise value from innovation and change. These are:

Structured and done well, these areas enable organizations to achieve the business agility needed to excel in todays world of dynamic change. Each two-day Masterclass is rich in practical knowledge gleaned from years of consulting and can be applied immediately to your enterprise. 

Snap Tech’s PMO MASTERCLASS is a virtually facilitated, interactive engagement structured around principles, techniques and practices upon which a successful project management office (PMO) depends.

The PMO Masterclass will teach you about practical, universally applicable guidance that will enable individuals and organizations to successfully establish, develop and run a PMO of any size.

Completing this course will help you:

  • The ability to set up or re-energize a PMO
  • Enable senior management decision-making on project prioritization, portfolio level risks, resourcing and strategic fulfilment.
  • The Identification and realization of business outcomes and benefits from projects and programmes
  • Consistent project delivery and realization of benefits
  • A learning, project based organizational culture that shares project experience and continuously improves its project capabilities
  • The implementation of a best practice project methodology and/or an Agile approach to project delivery
  • Manging risk at a consolidated portfolio level
  • The ability to develop a portfolio Dashboard of projects
  • Bridging the gap between the organisational strategy and project delivery
  • Maximise the full strategic value of your change initiatives.

Who is the course for?

This course would be of interest to all individuals who contribute in various ways to the process of change management, including:

  1. Recognizing the need for change and defining that change
  2. Assessing the organization’s capability and capacity for change
  3. Acquiring resources, planning change and assessing its impact
  4. Equipping people with appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes
  5. Communication & managing change projects and measuring change progress;
  6. Facilitating and/ or managing groups working on change initiatives

Learning Path

  1. Organizational Context of a PMO
  2. Different PMO Models and structures
  3. Confidence to take on important change projects
  4. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. The Business Case for a PMO
  6. The Vision for a PMO
  7. The common risks to implementing a PMO and mitigating those risks
  8. PMO Functions and Services
  9. Implementing a PMO
  10. Introducing Agile thinking to a PMO
  1. Implement or re-energise any PMO
  2. Design and operate the services required by your PMO
  3. Do job descriptions for your PMO resources
  4. Measure and assess the services provided by the PMO
  5. Build a Portfolio Dashboard
  6. Make your PMO Agile
  7. Develop a business case, value proposition and a vision for your PMO

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