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Getting the best return from the total investment in change programmes and projects has always been a challenge. Our Management of Portfolio event helps you solve this problem, as well as show you how to ensure the successful delivery of your portfolio whilst also realizing the full benefits from the contribution to your strategic objectives. MoP®: Management of Portfolios equips practitioners with the grounding to apply portfolio management effectively. It describes portfolio management and its strategic and organizational context and gives guidance on the principles, practices, and implementation of portfolio management.


Portfolios represent the totality of an organization’s investment in the changes required to achieve its strategic objectives. Portfolio Management is a co-ordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable a more effective balance of organizational change and business as usual. Portfolio Management provides senior management with reliable evidence enabling more informed investment decisions about where to invest in new initiatives. Snap Tech’s MoP® Qualification is a facilitated, interactive engagement structured around principles and practices upon which successful Portfolio Management depends.


This event qualification is aimed at those involved in a range of portfolio management roles encompassing investment decision making, the selection and delivery of business change initiatives, project and programme delivery and benefits realization.

Our MoP® is relevant to all those involved in the selection and delivery of business change initiatives including:


This is a trainer led virtual 4-day event that is facilitated by Snap Tech’s most experienced accredited trainer. You’ll find a comfortable, ready-to-learn atmosphere where you’ll receive expert instruction and guidance, interact with your peers, and gain the real-world skills that matter.



The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding to work as an informed member of a Portfolio Office or in a range of portfolio management roles. The Foundation level is also a pre-requisite for the Practitioner certification.


The purpose of the Practitioner qualification is to confirm you have achieved sufficient understanding of how to apply and tailor the MoP guidance and to analyze portfolio data, documentation and roles in relation to a scenario situation. You should, with suitable support, be able to advise on the implementation of appropriate practices and techniques and apply the method to a live portfolio.


Whatever an organization’s current level of maturity this event will provide advice and insights to assist the design of an appropriate Portfolio Management approach reflecting accepted good practice, applying the experience of those who have successfully adopted Portfolio Management.

The potential benefits are real and significant; research from the public and private sectors has identified that organizations that adopt a Portfolio Management approach can anticipate the following benefits:



This event will show you how to prioritize and manage your portfolio of change, to evaluate the overall risk profile and identify and engage your stakeholders. You will be able to draft your benefits and portfolio framework and apply the principles of portfolio management across the practices and cycles of portfolio management.