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Managing Successful Programmes

Enhance Your Managing Successful Programme Abilities

28 April 2020   |   Managing Successful Programmes, Project Management

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is an internationally accredited qualification designed to assist organisations in bringing about change on a large scale. It provides those involved in programme management with a best practice approach that can be applied to virtually any type of organisational programme. Practicing and aspiring programme managers will gain more knowledge about the […]

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Agile Project management

How to Be Successful Going Agile

28 April 2020   |   Agile project management, Change Management, Project Management

Over many years I have come across numerous examples of both successful and unsuccessful project management implementations. Whether it was based on a PMBoK, APM or PRINCE2 method made no difference, they quietly thrived or noisily failed. The answer for a higher implementation success rate seems to elude many, in spite of all the conferences […]

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8 common misconceptions about Project management

8 Common Misconceptions about Project Management

28 April 2020   |   Project Management

Common misconceptions about project management easily derail projects that do not incorporate internationally-accepted standards of project planning, execution, control and closure. Here are 8 common misconceptions to avoid: 1. Project process is more crucial than implementers A smooth, well-planned project process is key. Without people making intelligent decisions around process, however, projects fail. Amanda Schupak, […]

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Getting value-driven results from project management training

28 April 2020   |   PRINCE2, Project Management

  We are spending millions on project management training. All private and public sector organizations invest a considerable amount of money in training, varying from a few employees a year to thousands, with many larger organizations running their own campus in addition to external service provider venues. Training budgets are considerable and getting larger. According […]

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Portfolio management

3 Must-Read Blogs for Portfolio Management

28 April 2020   |   Portfolio management, Project Management

Project managers who design and implement Project Portfolio Management (PPM) based systems are always on the lookout for new benchmarks and elegant solutions to the problems they solve on a daily basis. It’s natural to look to the internet for fresh ideas and inspiration, but this creates a new challenge: Which blog to read during […]

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Change management

The 7 Worst Change and Project Management Fails to Avoid

28 April 2020   |   Change Management, PRINCE2, Project Management

The worst project management fails are costly and embarrassing to the companies and individual professionals responsible. Here are 7 change and project management fails to avoid at all costs: 1. Poor or partial planning Planning in project management is crucial. As the saying goes, ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’. Yet adding detail […]

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Change Management

How To Be A Successful SCRUM MASTER

28 April 2020   |   Project Management, Scrum master

The Scrum Guide™ defines Scrum as a framework for developing and sustaining complex products. This framework enables teams to address complex adaptive problems, while they productively and creatively deliver products of the highest possible value. The framework is regarded as lightweight and simple; yet incredibly difficult to master. The framework is made up of essential […]

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Human Resources or Strategic Business Partner

28 April 2020   |   Project Management

Human Resources or Strategic Business Partner. The role of human resources (HR) in the organisation is evolving and it is time for you to evolve with it

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