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Programme, Project Assurance and Health Checks

We provide independent external review by a P3M specialist with no vested interest in the delivery. Issues are raised and recommendations are made providing the project or programme sponsor with a level of confidence that the project is being delivered according to the constraints of time, budget and quality. The end result is a position report on the strengths and weaknesses of the project or programme that can be used to implement the necessary changes to ensure successful delivery.

Organisations seek independent assurance that a project or programme is being effectively managed in accordance with industry best practice. At critical points in a project or programme’s lifecycle, a review may highlight ways to make improvements, or demonstrate how lessons from past experiences can be applied. Snap Tech provides independent programme and project assurance to ensure you are getting the results you want.

Some of the issues that may need to be addressed for programme or project assurance include:

  • Is the project or programme running on schedule?
  • Are the agreed processes being followed?
  • Are the appropriate reviews taking place?
  • Will benefits be delivered to the business?
  • Are all stakeholders appropriately represented?
  • Is the methodology being appropriately applied?

Snap Tech’s consulting team places great emphasis on understanding the true objectives and success criteria of a project and on appreciating the cultural, political and other sensitivities that may surround the initiative. With this in mind, we have ‘health check’ guidelines that enable us to carry out an independent review or project or programme assurance quickly, succinctly, comprehensively and effectively by applying the OGC Gateway™ Review process for assuring major projects and programmes. The OGC Gateway Process is designed to provide independent guidance to SROs, programme and project teams and to the departments that commission their work on how best to ensure that their programmes and projects are successful.

Project Assurance, Programme, Project Assurance and Health Checks
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