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The Ultimate IT job can be yours

16 July 2018   |   General

The role of the Business Relationship Manager has become increasing vital as the Trusted Advisor in the relationship between IT and its business partners. Invest in your career and learn how be the ultimate Business Relationship Manager in this volatile, complex but exciting ICT world, and join our next Business Relationship Management Professional training event.

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And read more about this role below.

Let’s face it, the IT dept. can do all the self-measuring and chest thumping they like, just to show how successful they are, but that only becomes true when their internal or external customers believe it.

While measures such as audits, COBIT and ISO conformance add value and promote efficiencies, IT value is only realized for internal and external customers when business and IT partners work together.

This synergy is especially important considering that IT is often the most expensive resource area in the organization.

Building this synergy requires focus and time, requiring the vital, dedicated role of the Business Relationship Manager.

This BRM role is multi-functional and multi-faceted, and gives great value to all parties because it:

  • Grows IT and business services harmoniously by guiding and moving both areas up the strategic value maturity path in tandem with one another.
  • Helps all parties involved understand what IT success actually translates to and sensitizes the business to its value drivers.
  • Opens employees’ minds to new ways of working, such as utilizing Agile and DevOps, and then makes it easier for them to achieve strategic and corporate goals together.

         In the end, this efficiency drives sustainable/long-term value for organizations and customers.
As much as the above points leverage the IT department’s vital position as strategic partner to their businesses customers, this professional certification is also applicable to anyone interfacing between a shared service or service provider area (e.g. HR, Learning and development) and its customers.

We’ve added The BRM institute’s Professional certification to our Business Relationship Management coaching programme. It’s a practical curriculum, backed by a rapidly evolving and dynamic body of knowledge that leads to behavioural change and improved results.

If you’d like to move from “Taking Orders”, to becoming a “Trusted Advisor” with your internal or external customer, then learn how to become a professional Business Relationship Manager.

Find out more about BRM and Snap Tech International here:


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