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Virtual Classroom Training


A PC or IPad, speakers, microphone or headphone set (recommended) is required. Any standards compliant browser (Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari, MS Internet Explorer 6+) with latest flash player, acrobat, and a reliable internet connection. Corporates to ensure their Firewall allows Cisco product access.


Snap Tech’s Virtual Classroom Training contains all the learning modules for both Foundation & Practitioner level certification, so there is no need to purchase additional learning software.


Where Foundation and Practitioner exams are involved, you will do these online if they are available, using the ProctorU technology, or if you are a group then we can appoint and invigilator for an online or a written exam. In some countries you can attend a public exam venue.

The following table shows which exams are available online and the number of virtual training days, these exclude exam time (F = Foundation days, P = Practitioner):

Exam No. of Virtual daysF P
AgilePM ®F3 P1YN
Better Business cases™F2 P2YN
FacilitationF3 P1YN
Managing Benefits™F3 P1YY
Management of Portfolios (MoP®)F2 P1YN
Management of Risk (M_o_R®)F3 P1YN
Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®)F3 P1YY
Portfolio, Programme, Project Office (P3O®)F3 P1YN
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